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We used to meet almost every day, especially in one spot, which soon became as much her favourite as it had long been mine. He leans upon the deck, And, through the waters, sends his spirit forth. He had been ordered to take the duty, in consequence of the sudden death of the only officer of the regiment with whom he had ever been upon intimate terms. The man was perfectly black, so black, that his eyes had no whites, and his teeth were like polished jet. Nor waking to despair ; Unkindness cannot wound us more. The stranger had not, yet, made his appearance; the black steed, much to the host's annoyance, remained in his stable, unclaimed. 197 of his marriage. At a few yards' dis- tance from the place of execution, the exhausted horse fell ; and the rider was thrown forward, on the platform, with his right arm over the dead body of Marian, grasping in its clenched hand, the promise of Jier life. That gave thee all thy soul desired. Pleased with the odd situation in which fortune had placed him, his fearless spirit would have entered gaily into the humours of the scene, had he not been restrained by the terrors of his fair preserver ; and, in obedi- ence to her entreaties,. To lift the eye of faith to heaven. He might have heard every word I had thought ; for he cocks up his glim at me, such a blinker! What gratitude is due to Him from whom, alone. Be still a while. Aline was much, and sud- denly, worse, and could not leave her bed.

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" Master Thummins!" said he, " that was a good story you told us awhile ago : can nobody match it? She had never visited the spot before ; and even her fiend-like spirit, for a moment, was diverted from thouvhts of her errand, in admiration of the paradise which her proposed victim had created. He hastened on, therefore, with slight interruptions, until the evening. Seeking relief or pardon.) But she died ; And one still lives, to whom the tale was death Death for a time, for the soul's light was dimmed, And nothing but this visible clay remained, A dull, base relic of mortality. Be all in this new year I Sheffield. Though not im- moderate in its dimensions, it, on this occasion, carried double ; for, squatted upon it, close by the owner, sat a favoured she, the faultless Phyllis of the perambulant Corydon, whose left arm half sur- rounded her reluctant waste, while the right. Fourth Edition, with considerable alterations and improvements. For Caradoc, the gloriously gifted. Where is she Who roamed, at thy side, by the bright southern sea, Whose eye was as sparkling whose spirit as free Whose step was most blithe 'mid the light-hearted throng, And who charmed the mute group with her inno- cent song? Every animal fled at their approach, but the toad, that stared at them with his glittering eyes, and the owl, which here, shrouded in a perpetual gloom, pursued them with redoubled hootings. Constance rallied her flagging spirits ; she laughed, and talked, and danced But instinct seemed to be her only guide, fgr she saw not one of the grotesque figures around her heard not a word of the nonsense they uttered; her whole soul was. The lips are part d, and the braided hair TO THE picture oead girl.

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The stout-hearted landlord quavered, the parish-clerk was dumb-foundered with conster- nation. 161 Doubt was not permitted him, for a single moment ; and he turned, with sickening soul, from the sympa- thy which his venerable grief excited, even among the most hardened and profligate of the wretches near him, to his child. He had just finished his story, and was, at once gaily and fondly, patting the head of his dog Turco who, he said, had followed him, from first to last, throughout all his wanderings, when we reached the village. The night was dark and tempestuous : heavy gusts of wind shook the abbey walls, and resounded, in deep murmurs, along the cloisters ; whUe the moon, occasionally breaking through the thick clouds which enveloped her, cast an uncertain and awful light over the surrounding. 166 to you ; let it descend to your children's children. THE child'S last sleep. But it was on the hori- zon only that the shadow of a cloud could be seen, for all above was clear uninterrupted space. Still, there could be no doubt of his final condemna- tion ; for he had incurred the hatred of the trading community, by his contempt of their brutal igno- rance; and, however differing respecting the time and manner of it, his death was universally decreed. The stars should drop from yon sky the hills should be rent the firm ground be shaken to its original atoms the cataract should stay in the midst of its fall, to hear though but in a whis- per, too light for thine ears. In another minute, he was joined by a friend ; and they began to con- verse together, in low tones, but sufficiently audible to be overheard by the trembling Constance. I would have guessed it nine. 63 Fools may be fool-hardy still, but men like me are wiser. All the fairy schemes of happiness which he had formed rose rencontre sexe femme versoix up, as in mockery, before him, in this, his hour of trial and deep sutfering. Teach me this lesson, and bring me to your God ; and let the restoration of your friendship be the promise of his pardon and acceptance!" THE banquet. The turf had, in many places, been removed, to make way for small gravel walks, bor- dered either with shells or neatly clipped rows of box. The floor was covered with tapestry of so dark a colour, that it could not betray the crimson dye, which had been most probably poured out upon it ; but the stairs were marked in several places, as if the wood had been scraped, for. Around thy head, The muse's wreath its graceful foliage spread!

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